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Art democracy

Art should be for everyone and through the Internet everyone can have access to original works of art. The Internet is revolutionising the way business is done in all sectors of the economy and the art world is no exception. By showing and selling art online, file galleries such as BelgianArt.be have radically altered the dynamics of the art-buying process.

This shake-up in the way art is bought and sold is greatly to the benefit of artists and art buyers alike. 'Online galleries democratise the art-buying process,' says Marnik D'Hoore, founder and managing director of BelgianArt. 'They make original art available to a wider audience and give more artists the opportunity to show their work.'

Democracy in art is one of BelgianArt's guiding principles. Anyone with access to the Internet can view the artworks exhibited. Any artist who pass our experienced selection panel can have their works shown on our site, regardless of previous exposure, how they have been received by the critics, or whether they fit in with particular schools or trends.


Widening choice

BelgianArt is uninhibited by fashion or reputation and aims to show as wide a range of work as possible. Since there are no space constraints in an online gallery, it is the ideal forum to develop this independent approach. BelgianArt can allow more artists to show more of their work than could a traditional high-street gallery.

In keeping with BelgianArt's independent approach, no particular style or medium is favoured. All forms of art are represented on our site. For ease of navigation, works are grouped into twelve categories. There are the following painting categories - abstract, acryl, figurative, stil live, landscape, impressionism, conceptual.

The range of artists exhibiting in the BelgianArt online gallery is also extremely diverse. Emerging talented artists who are just beginning to establish a reputation, show their works alongside established names.


Transparent pricing

The range of styles and artists represented by BelgianArt means that there truly is something for everyone. That holds true when it comes to costs as well. Prices range from 25€ to over 25.000€ so that every budget can be accommodated.

The pricing structure at BelgianArt is straightforward and transparent. Every work on show in the BelgianArt gallery space has an asking price attached. In all cases, prices are lower at BelgianArt than in traditional high-street galleries. Lower overheads mean that BelgianArt can usually pass a cost saving on to you between 15% and 20%.

BelgianArt has a pragmatic attitude to price. People have budgets and they need to stay within them. That's why we have made it possible to search for works by price. You may also make an offer on any of the works included on the site, and the offer will be passed to the artist for consideration. You will be informed by email as to whether your offer has been accepted. Please read our terms and conditions.


User-friendly environment

High-street art galleries can sometimes be intimidating. At BelgianArt, we welcome everyone and aim to create a friendly environment where you can search for and buy art in comfort and convenience.

You can visit BelgianArt whenever you want and as often as you want. You can view works as many times as you need before making a purchasing decision.

People buy art for different reasons, so we have made it easy for you to search through our collection according to your own particular needs. At BelgianArt, we love art, but we're not precious about it. If you want a 60 x 60cm painting for your living room that's fine by us. That's why we allow you to search, not only by category and artist, but also by price and size.


Make an informed choice

At BelgianArt, we aim to help you make an informed decision about what original works of art to buy. That's why we give you as much information as possible about the works on show and the artists who created them.

Alongside each work you will find its price and size and the medium that was used to create it. In addition, for each of the artists represented by BelgianArt, you can access an artist's statement, a curriculum vitae and a list of exhibitions to date.

Because there are no space constraints at BelgianArt, we are able to show a wide selection of works by featured artists. That means that you can follow how their work has progressed through time. Freedom from space restrictions also allows us to put up new works by featured artists as soon as they are complete, meaning BelgianArt visitors can be the first to see them.

Contacting us

For customer service and support please call us on the following phone number.

Phone. 050-642.762
Fax. 050-680.604
Mobile. 0475830067
E-mail. info@belgianart.be
Managing Director. Marnik Dhoore, md@belgianart.be
Office Hours. 8.30am. - 18.30pm

Hoefijzerlaan 56/1
B-8000 Bruges

BelgianArt will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.



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