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Currently, BelgianArt.be presents over 1821 pieces of art from 154 artists. Really a huge diversity of styles. The current sections are paintings, nude, sculptures, ceramics.

BelgianArt.be is weekly updated to ensure you high standards and reputation.

No for sale
"The famous cows of the CowParade"
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Artist of the month - Sculpture
Name of artist:
  Marnik D'Hoore
  (look at all the works)
Price: 3500 EUR
Artist of the month - Paintings
Blauw 1 by Degreef B. Name of artist:
   Degreef B.
  (look at all the works)
Price: 980 EUR
Artist of the month - Ceramics
Name of artist:
   Van Meulebroeck E.
  (look at all the works)

Price: 250 EUR

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