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How to find art?
You can find all our artworks offered by this website by using the searchmodule above. This according to personal criteria you can select.
You can also go straight true by clikcing on the links below. You'll see immediately all pieces of art of the criteria you have choosen.

- Paintings
- sculptures
- ceramics
- Photography

How to find an artist?
Click the button 'all artists' on the left.

- This page contains an overview of all artists with, present on this site. Each artist shows one piece of art as an example.
- This page also has an alfabetical list where you can click each letter to find an artist.

Every artist is clickable. You'll find then an overview of all artworks from this artist.

How to look to the details of every artwork?
Every artwork shows this data:

- Name artist
- Name of the artwork
- Date of production
- Size
- Price
- Note (a little more info)

Below every artwork you can see the picture of the artwork on a bigger scale. Therefor you can use the following buttons.

click below:

What does every button means?

Zoom: You can view every artwork with an magnifying glass. Slide over the magnifying glass with your mouse and you will see the detail maximized.

Scale: Every artwork is placed next to a door in it's original size. This is to give you an idea of the original size of the artwork.

Big picture: View the picture on a maximized size.

Send e-card: The artwork you have chosen can be send as an e-card to friends or acquaintances.

How to buy an artwork?
You can make a bid once an artwork is found. The asking price is automaticaly filled in. At the bottom of the form you see the following text.

An offer made, same as the asking price, will immediately be excepted. An offer made, less then the asking price will be send to the artist for consultation. After the consultation with the artist you will be informed by us through e-mail or by phone. Please remeber that the procedure to make a bid is explained in our terms & conditions.



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