Artist of the month : Beliaert (july 2023)

Artist of the month : Beliaert (july 2023)

Artwork : "Greeting the sun" (bronze, hand-blown glass and natural stone)


Bram Eliaert is a sculptor from Ghent. Since 2020, he has been running a small art gallery in the center where you can see him at work on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

His work is often about a search for balance between man and nature.

His images feel as if they are in motion or just trying to keep still.

He works directly in lost wax, no clay or armature is involved. A choice with which he does not make it easy for himself, but which leads to a unique design.


Artwork : "The girl on the moon" (sculpture in granite and metal)


Artwork : "The animist" (sculpture in bronze)


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