Artist of the month : Bob Ivens (June 2022)

Artist of the month : Bob Ivens (June 2022)

Artwork : "De Floche" (Oil on canvas)


The work of Bob Ivens is very creative, humorous and often seasoned with eroticism.

He always starts from vague sketches, but as the canvas progresses he let his imagination run free, as a result of which the original design can change considerably.

Many of his works are suggestive and will bring a smile upon your face. His work tends to shock and amaze the viewer at the same time. A painting may come across as rude to some people but funny or ridiculous to others.

He once said "Giving a title to my paintings is a necessary evil", indeed it partly deprives the spectators of their own imagination and interpretation.


Artwork : "Ballet slippers" (Oil on canvas)


Artwork : "De slurf"


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