Artist of the month : Brigitte De Vuyst (october 2022)

Artist of the month : Brigitte De Vuyst (october 2022)

Artwork : "Vernazza" (Watercolor on paper)


Brigitte De Vuyst paints figurative works that are a reflection of subjects that cross her path.

She is drawn to shadows and light/dark contrasts. She often sketches and paints on location 'en plein air'. Some images are taken again in the studio to relive the atmosphere, the location and the experience. Each painting carries a story and a memory.

Although she prefers the watercolor technique, she also often paints with acrylic and oil paint. She likes to be challenged and transcend herself. She chooses the medium with which she can best translate her idea into an image.


Artwork : "For the love of Napoli" (Watercolor on paper)


In addition to her figurative works, she recently started painting on the border of the abstract.

Brigitte De Vuyst : “I approach the subject in such a way that I challenge and provoke the viewer to think, ask questions and go 'beyond the subject'. The painting process absorbs me completely and I enjoy the material and the actions. I let myself be guided within the composition by the wet in wet technique. I adjust, intervene, 'disrupt' the ablutions,… until I obtain a visual image that gives me satisfaction.”


Artwork : "Beyond reflection Bunderweg!" (Watercolor on paper)


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