Artist of the month : Cathérine Rasquin (august 2023)

Artist of the month : Cathérine Rasquin (august 2023)

Artwork : "Bleu de mangrove" (Mixed technique. Acryl on paper)


Already from a very young age Cathérine Rasquin from Limerlé was passionate about drawing and painting. She specialized at comics / illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège.

She then worked a lot on black and white in Indian ink and this in an expressive way by attacking the drawing directly with a brush, without penciling. The use of oil sticks in sepia tones allowed her to create a particular tropical atmosphere. Her favorite subject is travel.

Nowadays Cathérine Rasquin focusses on the study of color, lines, shadows and lights. On the one hand, in an abstract and spontaneous way like the expressionists by mixing techniques, and on the other hand, in a figurative way using pastel, acrylic or oil.


Artwork : "Bus stop" (oil on paper)


Artwork : "La traversée" (oil sticks in sepia tones)


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