Artist of the month : Christel De Coninck (january 2023)

Artist of the month : Christel De Coninck (january 2023)

Artwork : "Transparancy"

(Oil and acryl on canvas, spray paint, sculpture with plastic)


Christel De Coninck was born and raised in Dendermonde.

In life you have to make choices at key moments. Sometimes you make the right choices, sometimes you don't. Christel De Coninck first studied law and then started working. It is only a little later in life that she decided to follow her heart's choice and went to study at the art academy in Dendermonde.

At the moment she is an art student and fully enjoys the experiences that the art world has to offer her.

That is why she experiments with many different materials such as clay, plastic, acrylic paint, oil paint and spray paint.

The beginning of a beautiful story...


Artwork : "Brain twists" (Ceramic, baked clay in oven, painted with acrylic paint)


Artwork : "There's a war going on" (acryl on canvas)


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