Artist of the month : Christine Wittoeck (may 2023)

Artist of the month : Christine Wittoeck (may 2023)

Artwork : "Blue Fantasy" (oil on canvas)


Christine Wittoeck is an artist from Kontich who paints very intuitively.

Painting is her way of taking care of herself.

In 2010 she had to stop working due to a burnout and was obliged to stay at home for a long time.

Creativity proved to be the key to her recovery. Painting gave her peace of mind and taught her to deal with her urge for perfectionism and control. A new passion enriched her life.

Over the years she improved her technique and learned to work with different materials.

She likes to share her work with people who have a feeling for what she has intuitively put into her work.


Artwork : "Road to eternity" (acryl on canvas)


Artwork : "Morning dew" (acryl on canvas)


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