Artist of the month : Francis Gengoux (january 2024)

Artist of the month : Francis Gengoux (january 2024)

Artwork : "Mosan Blues" (oil on canvas)


Francis Gengoux lives and paints in Hastière-par-delà where he meditates on the theme of “The Four Seasons”. His unique way of painting landscapes has its origin in a richly filled life full of experiences.

Born in 1949 in Namur, he received a classical education at the Alphonse Darville Academy of Fine Arts in Charleroi. Before 1980, he gained professional experience in architecture, comics, medicine, aviation and graphic design.

He then emigrated to the south of France where he carried out various assignments as a general designer. Seduced by the beauty of the landscapes of the Mediterranean, he turned to photography and became an independent photographer-reporter.

Returning to Belgium in 1996, he deepened his art, where his oscillation between the figurative and the abstract forced him to synthesize - so as not to die without expressing his own style.


Artwork : "Freÿr, right bank" (oil on canvas)


Artwork : "The summer" (acryl on canvas)


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