Avdia Van Art

Avdia Van Art

Lid sinds 2021
2170 Antwerpen, Belgium

Avdia Van Art graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania. She has had more than forty exhibitions in Romania, Belgium, the United Kingdom by Hotel Hilton, U.S.A by Gallery Margo, Germany and and her works are part of private collections in Belgium and abroad.

“My motto is: ”Love will always be a source of inspiration and meditation for me.” Besides music, I like to be influenced by philosophic books. My sources of inspiration are life in all its facets, as well as fantasy and dreams. In my work there is no strict dividing line between the world and imagination, they constantly flow into each other. My concept is a 'passage' between past and present, between figurative and abstract. Love, tolerance, peace, fire, passion are painted with the brush of my soul.


The main concept which you can observe in my oil, acryl of  mixed media artwork is about the power of nature and human identity. My series of abstract works are related on different life experiences about fluid life’s, experiences, feelings and impressions. Every artwork I create is a way to express the transforming through the time: we are changing continuously and we are not conscious about this we are living „fluid life’s‟.

The colors, the shapes and lines I use are meant to point this idea of a new identity and values which marked our existence as human beings in an divers and multicultural society. I want with my abstract compositions to motivate the viewer on a creative way to question himself about meaning of art.

In my paintings you can see the symbols of migration: a cross, a bird, a boat, portraits of people and animals. The compositions I design are images of my own migration story. Art is a kind of message to to the whole world: migration means freedom and finding your own identity. I like abstract art because it gives a lot of freedom and opportunity for self-expression. My favorite artists are the Flemish primitives, contemporary art, Gustav Klimt, Gerard Richter and Adrian Ghenie”.


My point of view is that art is a reflection of reality. Ideas, thoughts that we come up with during the creative process, are actually our "radiographs" of everyday life. "Immersion", "merging into another world" is a way of discovering another world. The viewer can lose himself, fantasize about the artwork. "Idea" is my personal journey to essence, a struggle between energies, shapes, lines and tonalities. Blue, yellow, white, orange and red are important and they are symbolic colors in my composition.”

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